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Thursday, July 25, 2013

No Good Excuse?

Clearly I have no good excuses. I must be busy writing away and when not in my fictional world, I must be cleaning or playing with my kids. Otherwise, I'd have written a blog in the last 45 days with some excuse. But, alas, I have none. Pfft.

45 days? That can't even be right! Not good at math, that's a good excuse. No sense of time, that's a good excuse.

I did pen a few blog entries in the back of my mind over the course of these days I have been missing from Blogger.

One was on my takeaways from the Philadelphia Writer's Conference. But that entry never made it to the screen as my energy was completely sapped from the conference this year. I think there is still a pile to be gone through from the conference somewhere as well as the business cards I collected of blogs to follow and people to friend.

I suppose maybe I was going to write a blog about our morning at a My Gym location because it was a free event for bloggers. But, I suppose I wasn't motivated or maybe I was packing for vacation or doing laundry or something uninspiring.

Then, I had a great blog idea titled "Gone Fishin'" in which I discussed my need for an indefinite sign on my brain (and my blog) letting ya'll know that I am out currently but may be back soon. Hang around, maybe there'll be fish. Oh, and here's a picture of members of our family that did go fishing. I did not actually fish, but I did cook it:

But that blog entry fizzled in my brain before it made it to you (or did it sizzle in the pan?).

Last week I *finally* had the perfect entry on excuses and how they suck. Specifically, how we all make excuses not to help people in our community. You know what I mean. There are good people all around us doing wonderful things for the people in our community and we don't even have time to make a sick neighbor some soup. Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to go to a local charity with my daughter and help them sort clothing.

The organization was started by a local teen when she was 12 years old. She saw the need in our community to help families in crisis get back on their feet by providing them with basic necessities like clothing. This now 16 year old girl is working in her community daily to help those in need. Once a month, she offers a "Kids on the Quest" program to give young children a chance to volunteer in the community. I have not made it to a single Kids on the Quest meeting yet. There has always been an excuse. Always. Someone sick once or twice, husband working late, karate class, etc. Last Wednesday I really didn't want to go -- we had swim lessons, I had company coming the next day, my son had karate, I had party invitations to do -- the excuse list went on. But I figured it out. I took my daughter. And, as you can imagine, it was worth it. My daughter was so proud to be helping out. She was excited to meet the teenage girl who has done so much (and happens to share her name). No excuse was worth missing out on a chance to help and to teach my children to do the same. None.

There really is no good excuse for anything. Stick around though, I'm sure I'll try to find some. Hopefully sometime in August. If not, then for sure in September when school starts up again....