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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

ISO: Excitement

What excites you? Really excites you? Are you doing that thing/those things as often as you can? Are you allowing people to see what truly excites you? Are you inspired by your excitement? Are others inspired by your excitement?

I watched a video the other night on this subject: A 26 year old millionaire bounced around on stage talking about what gets her excited and how to find out what gets each of us excited. When it was over, I couldn't think of a thing that got me THAT excited. Then, as I went to bed and as I woke up in the morning  – I couldn't stop listing the things that get me excited. Jeez no wonder I couldn't find that one thing that makes me passionate – too many things make me passionate! 

I googled it. There are millions of pages on figuring out what excites you most and finding your passion. Why is it that, as I am pushing forty, I am just now trying to discover this?! Where have I been for the last 30-some years?

Am I the only one? Do you know what excites you? Are you doing it?

Some of what excites me seems so far off, so far-fetched, that I think I've just always gone along doing the small little things that make me and, hopefully, those around me fairly content… But excited? I’m not sure. Scary thought as middle-age is knocking on the door! What am I waiting for? Retirement?

In the video I watched the other night, "Establishing your 'Why'," Peta Kelly talks about finding that big thing that excites you but also the little excitements to help inspire you and pull you toward that big goal.

I thought about listing some of the things that excite me – but the list seemed too long for this blog (maybe next week). But, how do I take my “excitement list” and use that to live?

In his TEDx lecture, "How to find and do work you love," Scott Dinsmore asks “What is the work you can’t not do?” For me, it’s always been writing. And, even though I take tiny little steps towards that goal – the big goal, the idea of being a successfully published writer, seems so far-off, so impossible, that I get stuck. I never make my way towards that goal. But maybe it’s because I never allow myself any excitement, any reward, any passion to pull me forward.  There is no fire behind it. There’s no momentum. I need to find little stepping stones of excitement to pull me forward. Otherwise, I am just paralyzed.

Another great article I found in my Google search is: Guide to Finding Your Passion. A guide to narrow those things that excite me down. How to find the thing that I am most passionate about, make goals, identify obstacles, push away the fears and excuses...  (Maybe that’s for another blog too)

What about you? Do you know what excites you and are you doing it?


  1. Love this! I think the major gap exists between identifying what makes you excited and then doing the actual work to attain it. Excitement and dreams are so glamorous and thrilling, but then there is this non-glamorous, tedious, oh-not-so-sexy work that needs to drive it forward. One of the mistakes I see people make so often (myself included!) is that they think if they dream it, it will materialize... or it will come when the time is right... when this happens, or that happens, etc etc. The problem is that "someday" is always tomorrow... then when tomorrow turns into today, someday magically becomes tomorrow again. The fact is, there are 7 days in a week, and "someday" isn't one of them. I always hope everything will magically fit into place, but I know that the truth is this - it's the slow, relentless chipping away at the work punctuated by taking big risks that separates the dreamers from the doers. :)

    1. Yes!! I watched another video recently (guess I'm on a kick, this one was on the "law of attraction"). We have to go beyond identifying what we want to TAKING ACTION and ALLOWING it to happen. If I want to be a writer, I have to allow myself to BE A WRITER...